Batimu FM is an African Radio Station based in Belgium, with the prime objective of creating a liaison between Africans in the Diaspora . Focus will be on education and entertainment powered by well tailored programmes that will reach our objectives of promoting the image of the great continent of Africa.

Its founder Titus Banyoh is a trained journalist who has passion for the radio and believes that Africa is a great continent and its culture and ideologies  have to be brought closer to Africans in the diaspora.

So far Batimu FM has two studios, one in Antwerp –Belgium managed by the founder Titus Banyoh and the other in Essen- Germany under the supervision of the indefatigable Marcel Adig.


  • Great Job my dear brother. I can see the zeal never died after all.
    Congratz and keep up.

    Enci ElizoJanuary 7, 2017
  • Mr Banyo Congrat

    Daniel NONGWEAugust 11, 2016
  • I’ve had the hunch over the years that Mr Banyoh would do ordinary things extraordinarily someday… Sir your drive, love, passion, vision and focus made all this happen this way, so never relent. More grease, more apples, more kumquats, more achu to your mouth…..God Bless

    Isidore MbiandaSeptember 22, 2015
  • Right in uphill Ntamulung { A1 class GBHS Bamenda} i knew he was going to be an inspiration to his generation and the ones to come. Kudos fellow Count Batimu

    Comfort LufongJune 20, 2015
  • Gr8 talent

    dorisMay 12, 2014
  • Mr. Banyong

    Vitalys CHIMay 1, 2014
  • This is great Bro. More grease to your elbow

    Greenfield MuforApril 29, 2014

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